12 oz. BlueStripe™ Limited Edition Hot Cup
Create a buzz with these recycled content hot cups. Up to six sassy messages right on the cup to engage customers and brighten up their daily coffee or tea. Cups are made with an industry-leading 24% post consumer recycled content, which helps keep waste out of landfills. Tell everyone how you feel about recycling one cup at a time.
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  • Benefits
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  • Carbon Footprint
  • 12 oz. & 16 oz.
  • Made with 24% post-consumer recycled office paper
  • Not recyclable in most communities - Find out Why
  • Performs just like a traditional paper hot cup, while using less virgin fiber
  • Evolution World™ branding communicates your environmental commitment
  • FDA approved
  • Products made from recycled materials keep waste out of landfills
  • Choosing post-consumer recycled materials saves valuable resources
  • 24% of the paper in these cups was recycled from previously used products

Sustainability is a journey, and every step of the way we want to make a smaller environmental impression. This footprint shows where our product life cycle stacks up today. Learn More
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