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European standard EN 13432 sets out the criteria for products to be certified compostable through an industrial composting process. This is a rigorous process with test stages analysing multiple factors of both the product as it breaks down and the end compost. These stages include analysis of biodegradation, disintegration, ecotoxicity and heavy metal content. Only on successfully passing all stages can a product be certified compostable and either the seedling or OK Compost logo be used on the product or its packaging.

What does this all mean?

Eco-Products® is committed to getting a third-party stamp of approval for compostability because it’s critically important to us that our products compost properly. In addition to seeking certification, we also work with composters and other stakeholders in the industry to better understand real world conditions and the ideal composting environment for our products. Basically, we’re super into composting and are working hard to ensure the ideal end-of-life scenario for our products.