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Five years is a long time. Longer than the average millennial’s job tenure (four years). Longer than you should age sauvignon blanc and most other white wines (two years). And longer than the average time between total solar eclipses (18 months). With those stats in mind, we feel kind of old, yet extremely proud, to share that today, we launch our fifth annual sustainability report available as a PDF Download or by following the links below.

For five years, this report has provided the framework and motivation to stay in the vanguard of sustainability. Not only does it celebrate our successes (like any “green” marketing piece), it also lays out a complete strategy for integrating sustainability into the fabric of who we are. This includes a new round of goals set every year by a cross-functional team, which then drives work streams throughout the year. It includes a transparent account not only of our wins, but also of our challenges. This report reflects how seriously we take our opportunity to be a leader in responsible business.

“Sustainability” is a buzz word that means different things to different organizations. Our hope is that this report gives you a deeper understanding of what it means to us, and why we feel confident saying “we got this” to our customers and other partners that are committed to achieving a Zero Waste future.

Give it a spin, and let us know what you think. We welcome your feedback.

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